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Series update

A title is still being decided on

However! All the characters are ready though two more ‘main’ characters need to be chosen. Following a series of votes, positions for member 3 and 4 are between two different characters:

 3) Camus or Xander 


Camus or Xander?

4) Brave Lyn or masked Lucina?


For all those wondering: yes- I do have travel pots of marmite, about 20 of them



Ask a Brit: *food edition*

Blimey! I’ve had a lot of questions about food so I’ve combined all the shorter questions into one big entry 

Q1: “Is marmite real?”


sorry, I like marmite way too much...

Anyway. Marmite is real, we do eat it, I’ll have you know it is actually edible but I must say- it is an acquired taste. You really will either love it or hate it.


Q2: “What are your favourite chips/ (crisps)?”

Walker’s cheese and onion all the way! Though, there are some really good roast chicken crisps in France.


Q3: “Favourite meat in a roast?”

It’s a tie between chicken and beef


Q4: “What is a Toby Carvery?”

Basically, a roast dinner restaurant. You go up to a long counter, ask the carver what meat you want (anything out of: beef, chicken, pork and gammon) and then do the potatoes, veg, sauces and gravy yourself. I always ask for a bit of everything, it’s just so good!


Q5: “Bakewell tarts? Crumpets?”

I’m assuming you want definitions:

Bakewell tarts/cherry bakewells are small tarts with pastry bases, almond flavoured cakey middles, marzipan or normal icing to cover it and a cherry on top

Crumpets are weird, round doughey discs full of airholes that are put in a toaster and eaten with some form of topping. My favourite has to be marmite but you can have anything! From plain butter to avocado, you can do anything 

Ask a Brit 2!

I’ve had a few more questions since last time so I’ll be answering those today.

Q1 ”How does the Underground work? I’m coming to London soon”

I had a feeling someone would ask... 

There’s a lot to say about the Underground so I’ll try to make a flip explaining the basics and put the link in next time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy London; there’s always loads to do!

(Speaking of flipnotes...)

Q2~from a member of the discord who would rather stay anonymous: “Are you coming back to flipnote? And if so, when?

I’m already technically ‘back’ though I have barely any time to actually make anything. I’ve got a lot of ideas and ongoing projects but the lack of motivation and time means I won’t be posting until I finally manage to make something. I’ll still be in green chat- occasionally.


Now, some questions about food


Q3: “What on Earth is a Yorkshire pudding?”

Well, let me tell you. Yorkshire puddings are not really puddings (at least they aren’t anymore) seeing as they aren’t sweet. The best way for me to describe one is that it’s a doughy bowl-like savoury food that we normally have with roast dinners since they go so well with everything in one, especially  gravy. Depending on where you get them from, they can be: large, small, soggy or crispy- it all depends. My favourite thing to do is fill it with gravy and let it all sink in


Q4: “Curry sauce on chips?”

Assuming you mean the real kind of chips you usually get with  battered fish: YES.

Despite sounding odd to most people, some of us do put curry sauce on our chips. The curry sauce from most chippies (fish & chip shops) I go to taste very

similar to katsu curry sauce. It’s a strange but delicious combination 

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!




Sorry if this comes up on the sudomemo discord; I have no idea how hatena blog works

So, I’ve started a Q&A page where people can ask about Britain (please note that my knowledge of Scotland and Ireland is limited, I know a bit about Wales). If anyone has any questions, comment them on this page and I’ll answer them in the next one. You can choose wether to be anonymous or named

Q1: Are you cold over there? It’s freezing here in ___

It’s colder than usual but to me, it isn’t that bad, especially compared to the Arctic Vortex some of you in America are going through. I hope you’re all ok, stay safe


Q2: ‘Is it considered rude to beep your car horn at someone?’

Now this greatly varies across the Isles. Here in South East England, beeping is almost like a terrible offence and no-one really knows who it’s aimed at. Unless, of course, it’s obvious and everyone has a massive go at them. The South West is far more relaxed and generally friendly on the roads, a light beep is commonly used for greeting or letting other people know you’re there while going down the various narrow lanes. Wales is also varied though it depends on individual people more than area, they seem a little friendlier though. You will be faced with a fine if you sound a horn between 11:30pm and 7am but that’s quite late so it comes as no surprise. I have no idea about Scotland, sorry.


Q3: ‘Why are you all so posh’ ‘Why do English people sound so strange?’

NO. Just, no. This is a terrible assumption though it does make me question how weird our voices sound to other people. This is another thing that does vary. Sure, there are people out there who still talk like 70s sports commentators but everyone sounds different depending on their county (like states, just smaller). Being in close proximity to London means I’ve naturally adopted a cockney accent: I’m likely to drop hs and ts. There are loads of different accents, so please, don’t assume we all sound the same


I haven’t had many questions yet so if you’re curious about something, do let me know on here or discord and I’ll try to answer it!